Sunday, May 30, 2010

Getting real about what matters

I realized it's been 3 months since I've posted on my blog. I've been caught up in major work projects and haven't carved out time for my family or myself. I've been giving a lot of thought to how easy it is to put everything else ahead of what really should mean most -- my family. If my job ends (God forbid:)) there will still be my family. For better or worse, my family is always there for me. But I haven't been there so much for them lately.

I'm sorry.

This past year, we've gone through a lot of transitions. I'm an orphan at 58. Sounds creepy, but when your parents are all gone, who do you call on Mother's Day or Father's Day? They appear in my dreams in funny ways, never sad ways, thank goodness. They come to mind when I'm doing something that they told me not to do long ago -- no examples I want to share on this one. I think of them when I come across something they'd like in a darling little shop or when I cook something that they raved about at a long-ago family dinner.

My husband's Mom is becoming increasingly frail, and we're talking with her about the next stage of her life -- most probably in assisted living. How sad to think that one's last days are shadowed by concerns about the extremely high cost of living and being cared for.

Our kids are all doing well, thank goodness. But I find I haven't picked up the phone to call as many times as I think about it. Just a brief check-in takes so little time yet means so much. Their visit this weekend brings it all back to mind.

This Memorial Day I'm remembering those who have given their lives so we have the freedoms we enjoy. This is bringing me back to reality. What matters most is to treasure the blessings I have right now -- my husband, his Mom, our two sons and their families, my brother and his family, and my very good friends. That's what really connects me to this life and I will try to remember that every day from now on.

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